diego serranoWhen Diego Serrano was cast as the first Latino to appear on NC-TV’s “Another World,” his role made history on a soap that had been airing for more than 30 years. Borni in Quito, Ecuador, he moved to the U.S. at age 12. He learned much of his English while playing soccer and by age 17, was playing semi pro in Europe. The following year, he moved to Los Angeles and was cast in GLoria Estefan’s “Seal Our Fate” video. He went on to host Univision’s “Telemusica” for two and a half years. In 1994, he joined “Another World” and the rest is history. A daytime heartthrob, Serrano says that the aspect he loves most about the drama is that he plays a very positive Hispsnic character. (Photo Courtesy of https://marvel-movies.fandom.com/wiki/Diego_Serrano)