By Yvette Tello

Should it be considered a right to wear a mask instead of a requirement when mandated by city officials to help prevent the spread of this pandemic coronavirus? Let’s talk about it.

Virginia Ann Sherwood: “ It should be up to the person in my opinion. I am claustrophobic and I get anxiety just thinking when I walk out my door I have to wear one. So it’s either be imprisoned in my home or wear a mask. I feel that is part of our freedom. Are we now going to be told what to wear as Well… This will only be the beginning if we allow it. It should be Our Choice….But if it’s law I have no choice”

Sandy Rodriguez: “ Umm no why take the risk better 6 feet apart and masked than 6 feet under cause someone is too selfish to think about others.”

Oscar Garza: “I’m pro-healthy public. I’m not pro financial greed public”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “ I think it should be a requirement. It’s not just protecting you from others but also protecting them from you. We really do not know much about this covid-19. People get symptoms and some don’t. Every day there are new things we find out about this deadly virus and for the protection of myself and my children I make sure I don’t go out unless I have too and if I do I’m sure to wear a mask I’ve done this even before it was mandatory to wear one. To me, my family comes first.”

Roy Cruz: “It should be a requirement”

AR Sifuentes “I think there’s a little confusion as far as the order goes,” said Michelle Ramos, a spokesperson for the San Antonio Police Department. It’s important to know that under Mayor Ron Nirenberg’s mandate – which comes in the form of an addendum to his ongoing stay-home order – people are only required to wear masks if they are older than 9 and when they can’t stay six feet away from one another. “So not everyone necessarily needs to wear a face mask,” Ramos said.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “ If you are in a building with strangers it should be mandatory and people should be considerate of others. If you don’t want to think of others safety, stay home, do curbside or pay online. Simple as that!”

Benjamin Godina: “ Requirement. We’re born with sin so don’t give us an option because we don’t make good choices.”

Darwin Walker: “ I think it should be required to wear Masks to protect me from you, and you from me.”

Judith Scheidt Tello: “I see the paper everyday, and I see the virus cases still rising in the U. S., in Texas, and in San Antonio. My husband is 72, I’m 68. Plus we have underlying medical problems, so we rather be safe than sorry. So we will wear masks or bandanas. I just wish this was all over. I’m concerned about the businesses, restaurants that chose to close, especially one of our favorites. 66 million people on unemployment, that is so sad.”

Kellie Williams Smith: “ It should be optional. Most people are using cloth masks and they don’t do anything anyways.”

Manuel Diaz Garza: “Nah, consider it very unwise not to wear a face mask. Make your own if you have to.”

Lila A’Giza: “ Wear a mask or some form of something. If it affects that much people should use alternative methods like ordering curbside or via online to receive in mail. This is serious…not just some play thing. Care about self, neighbor, and family. And I’m claustrophobic, barely breathing when I’m moving fast because I’m a fast walker by nature, and have a compromised immune system. I’m only out when necessary and order in and use grocery pick up service more too because of it.”

Phillip Alexander Alfaro: “ Wear it !”

Javier Antonio Guzman: “ Exercise personal responsibility for your own safety.”

Lonnie Bradley: “I am an essential employee, I have been coming to work every day for the entire time. Today, 2 months into this, I am now required to wear a mask. It’s not that I don’t care about other people, but seriously, it’s not about stopping the spread. It’s about slowing it down so the hospitals don’t get overwhelmed. That’s not what has happened and now with all the supporting infrastructure that has been put in place for the hospitals, it seems unnecessary.”