By Yvette Tello

With Father’s Day around the corner, how significant is a father to a child’s life? I don’t think I would be as resilient if I did not have my dad in my life. My father is a wonderful man who did not become a product of his environ- ment. He is dependable, strong, thick-skinned and set in his ways. He loves his family and shows us with his actions, not always with his words. My friend said she never had a relationship with her father but found out when she became an adult that he abused women and was a drug addict. She is very thankful that she didn’t have a relationship with him because she wouldn’t be who she is today with that kind of upbringing. She is confident in herself, successful and happy. My other friend said his dad was in his life and was a drug addict, in and out of prison, abused him as a child and though he never abused this mother, he abused his other wives. My friend has been diagnosed with PTSD because of this and has had many issues in his life. He feels his life would have been better if he had never known him. What do you think? How significant is your father in your life? Would you be a better person with him more present in your life or would you be a bet- ter person without ever knowing him? Let’s talk about it…

Roger Reyna: “The fact that my dad was not around, I wanted to make sure I was a good father and provider. Though he was absent, he still impacted my life.”

Norma Martinez: “My father was my Grandfather. He raised me to love my family uncondi- tionally. He accepted everyone as is with no conditions. I was his granddaughter but he treated me like a daughter. I wouldn’t have had it any other way.”

Christina Guiterrez: “I grew up with my dad in and out of my life. I’ve always envied those who had more active dads/father figures in theirs. I’m grateful for the times he was around, It was always laughs and just great memories. Not only did I enjoy it, but my children did as well. I wish he would just stay completely out of our lives. It hurts more and more every time he decides to disappear again. Not only do I have to bury the hurt and pain it causes for myself, I also have to bury the pain and hurt it causes my children. What I learned from this experience is to be a better parent for my children, be there for them, listen to their wants an needs, and hope to God one day I never become that person.”

Roseanne Medellin: “As for me knowing my father, I’m glad he is in my life. He showed me love and affection. He’s always been a hardworking strong man and I can say that’s where I get those traits. My dad now struggles with lung cancer and I’m the one that takes care of him and keeps him in check as far as going to his doctor appointments. I pray every single day that my dad’s cancer goes away. It’s been back 3 times now and this has really changed him. I see him fighting but at times he says he wants to just give up. My dad is not a quitter and that’s what I constantly remind him of. I think I’m the one that now keeps him going. I am so glad my dad is still here with me and pray God doesn’t need him soon. I know one day he will be gone to heaven and when that day comes I will have a broken heart. I pray it’s not soon.”

Jenifer Perez: “My father was not present so I always looked for a father figure. I always wanted someone to take care of me. I hope one day I will know him; what he looks like, his medical history. I always wanted a dad. I guess, I still do.”

Rosie Garcia “My father was  a strong man, so I have always expected the men in my life to be strong and treat me well. So yes, it is very significant to have your father in your life.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “I had the best dad ever! He worked hard. He always been to able to provide for his family, always home

never stayed out late his family

has always come first. He does anything for us! We don’t share the same DNA but we share the same love!!!!! He’s my hero and the one man that has never broken my heart or made me feel less.”


Sabrina Cantu: “ My biologi- cal father was not in my life but I did have a father that raised me. He showed me what a father should be. He showed me love and affection. He was always there and provided for me above and beyond. He pushed me to do better and he still pushes me to do better and he is a wonderful grandfather to my children.”


Richard Martinez: “ My dad was a great provider and showed me a great work ethic but he was abusive to my mother. Because I saw that, I made a sound choice not to be that kind of person. I have chosen to be respectful to my wife so my children will never be exposed to that behavior.”


Brandi Kirkland: “My dad has always been my constant. Strong and steady. Showed me integrity in everything and hard work ethic.”

Gary Zeinert: “Characteristics of a great Dad:

  1. Loves his chil- dren
  2. Is a  GREAT role model
  3. Teaches his kids life lessons that will help them be successful
  4. Puts the needs of his children in front of his own Sacrifices, works, does everything possible to provide a loving home where his children feel safe, secure, and loved!!!!”

Sandy Encina: “My dad was a strong, hardworking strict man. Being the baby of the family, he was more protective .I was blessed. My girls were able to get to know him and spend time with him. Even though he had another family, he always made time for me and my family. We got closer when I started working at the county jail. I was blessed to be able to be there with him when he got terminally ill and fulfilled his last wish to die at home sur- rounded by his family.”