I am truly blessed. My father is the strongest, smartest,most amazing man I’ve ever met my life. He is also the most difficult, the most stubborn, the hardest and the most kindest man that you could ever meet. He will help a perfect stranger on the side of the road. He will help a friend in need, whether it’s financial or just to lend an ear. He will buy you food if you don’t have any. He will lend you his car if you don’t have one working at the time or he’ll give you a ride because you need one. One of my funniest memories is when a friend of mine (that I had just met) ended up in jail because she owed traffic tickets. She called me collect. My dad answered and accepted the call. I was at work at the time. Luckily I got home when I did. He was on his way out the door to go get her out of jail. I had just met the girl! That story is so crazy, right? Well, guess what? I did the exact same thing last year for a young lady I had just met; I bailed her out of jail. If I have the money and you need it, I will give it to you. I have opened my doors to people who need a place to live or buy food for people who are going through hard times. I will lend you my car if I can and I will always try to help you when I can. I will listen to your problems, hardships, or victories. I will always be truly happy in my heart for someone’s success. My lifestyle is quite the opposite of my fathers. He works for Boeing and has a retirement plan. He lives in the same house we grew up in. He paid it off more than 20 years ago. He has all his affairs in order and he is very structured. He prays for one hour a day on his hands and knees at the same time everyday. He has his dinner at the same time and God forbid you take him out of his routine. I, on the other hand, have no routine. I have several jobs, with no retirement plan. I don’t receive a regular paycheck and I volunteer as much as possible (meaning I don’t get paid) I buy houses and sell them then buy more. I enjoy learning about different cultures and different ways of life. I accept change and actually like it.; Daddy does not. But at the end I know I am who I am because I walk in his footsteps. I am fearless because that is what I have been taught to be. I take chances because I know I will always be ok; I learned from the best, my Daddy, Ralph Tello Jr.. Happy Father’s Day