Texas podcasters Roy Aguillon, Kimiya Factory and Ryan Thompson came together recently to chat about what’s in the news and on their minds. Their year end episode of the GET It podcast, numbered forty-eight in the series, shines with youthful energy and delivers plenty of laughs between serious discussion topics.
If you haven’t listened to the GET It podcast yet, then you’re in for a treat! The show’s three co hosts are some of the most impressive young community leaders in Texas who really loosen up their belts to chat informally with each other about what’s in the news and on their minds. They invite us inside diverse communities to learn what’s being discussed there and share engaging stories from their own personal and professional lives. You’ll be privy to what some of the most influential young people in Texas think about topics that impact your life, as well as theirs.
But don’t worry – there is no weird hidden agenda to this podcast. The podcasters don’t always agree with each other and they don’t expect that you will always agree either. The only goal of the podcast is to help you create your own, well-informed opinions about the world around you so that you’ll want to GET informed, GET engaged, and (if at all possible) GET out to vote.
This latest episode begins with the friendly reminder that Ryan made the long voyage down I10 from Austin to the podcast’s recording studio here in San Antonio. Perhaps because the many perils of the road were so fresh on Ryan’s mind, he wanted to chat about the one hundred and ten year sentence recently given to a Cuban truck driver who was involved in a fatal accident on a steep mountain road after his brakes failed. Was the sentence excessive? Was racism involved? “In that stressful situation”, Ryan wonders, “how would you have reacted?”
Roy followed with a question that others have probably been wondering after several years of protests and intense discussions about systemic racism in America, “Do Black communities ralaround the fight for justice with greater solidarity than other communities?” ¿Que te parece? What do you think? Is there any large community that really thinks and acts in perfect lockstep?
Kimiya emphasizes the diversity within large communities by sharing insights about various rifts that exist within the LGBTQ community that you may not know about yet. Listen to find out why Ryan laughingly accuses Roy of sounding like someone’s grandfather.
As always, the podcasters are big proponents of giving credit where credit is due. In that light, they close out this year’s episodes by giving credit to San Antonio City Councilman Jalen McKee-Rodriguez. Can you believe it – here we are in 2022 and he’s the first Black and openly gay city council person in the whole state of Texas? That’s certainly groundbreaking, but he mainly got lots of kudos from these podcasters for his community service work to date.
(EP 48-January 3, 2022-Yes, Ryan Drove Down From Austin)
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