By Yvette Tello
This weekend social media topics were about the mass shootings and gun control. I saw many posts that argued politics; Republicans are to blame. Guns are to blame. Racism is to blame, the President is to blame for creating an environment that it is OK to is perfectly clear. I do not hate. Our border town of El Paso was attacked by a racist. That own a gun but I do believe we should have the right to bear arms. I also grew up in a neighborhood where getting your hands on a gun was no problem and most people who were up to no good for the most part. Did this person have a license to carry? Do you think gun control is the solution to ending the hate for the immigrants/Mexicans? If not, what is? Let’s talk about it…

Benjamin Godina:
“I believe gun control is an issue although I also believe as you, the right to bear arms. We are definitely in a whole new culture and epidemic. The days of the streets and words are now guns on the streets and social media as an instigator. People have been killed simply by social media attacks. Our gaming system is no longer an Atari system with paddles going back and forth. They are new very tactical and influential. We, young or old have always controlled what we allow. Parents, friends, church or others have allowed and have been so lenient on the consequences of our choices. The spank- ing paddles have been taken away, God has been almost entirely removed, parenting is now diminished because many want to be friends first. In all, WE are to blame for what we’ve allowed to happen. #letstalkaboutit”

Chris Jones:
“Point Blank: Lack of Par- enting. People need to Teach Their Children Right From Wrong… Stop Blaming oth- ers and Be Parents to your Kids. There were already actions in place for people with mental illness Trump repealed that.”

Beverly Brooks:
“Both of these incidents could have been much worse had it not been for lawful, firearm carrying men. Owning a firearm does not in any way influence or breed racism. Controlling guns does not equal controlling psychopathy. HATE, AB- SENT PARENTING, THE ABSENCE OF GOD and a “look at me” culture that glorifies a lack of respect for (any) authority is what fuels this. These people are no far less radical than the ones that flew planes into our towers. We will continue to have more 9/11 like incidents unless we stop blaming anything and every- thing other than the shooter and take a closer look at our family units or lack thereof. Sadly, we have proven time and again that we will not see another 9/12. And with all due respect, my statement about the absence of God is my opinion. I don’t mean that we need to force it down anyone’s throat, that applies in the home and for those that it applies to they carry it with them outside. Or, one hopes, anyway. Again, just my opinion- not anyone’s place to tell me I’m wrong about my own opinion.”

Rebecca Perez:
“It is not the lack of parenting, and hate is not always taught by parents. Hate is everywhere and young minds pick it up from the environment around them. Some minds are easily influenced and some are not. No one can really pinpoint why someone with a disturbed mind does what they do.”

Henry Shamdas:
“We can improve our gun control but mental and hate are the issues and of course it all starts at home. No question there but we as citizens must now make concessions to make this safer future generation. The left will quickly say no due to privacy and the right will say it’s the government’s way of backdoor to taking away our guns. However both sides must concede and this is exactly how to curtail some, if not all of the mass shootings.”

Roxanne Perez:
“ Hate is hate, and gun control won’t stop it! I’m His- panic, but tend to get criticized and teased more for not speaking Spanish or in their words “acting white”. Although, I’m a mixed cul- ture, not Mexican at all. So there’s hatred everywhere, the people who choose to act this way are not a prod- uct of anything other than their own hatred.”

Rob Gonzales:
“Here’s a truth nobody wants to hear. Racists already own guns AND don’t go killing people. If you read the narrative of these mass shooters, they don’t come from broken homes and their families are usually good people. So, the absence of God and family upbringing isn’t the issue.
What is the issue is that our govt hasn’t incorpo- rated a background check that checks for mental health history? Link up to the background system to the health care system and bam, you prevent gun sales to people with mental issues. You may lose a few hundred gun sales at most.”

Gene A. Gomez:
“The hate will Never end.. and that is sad. And I also believe we have a right to own a gun. However, assault rifles have no busi- ness in any citizen’s hands. They are weapons of war and that’s where they belong. Yes, we need strict gun laws which should include strict policies and laws for gun owners.”

Alan Thomas:
“Working on mental health issues would be a start. Pull the head out of the sand and start to look around, say something if you see something. Plus remember years ago when parents just started giv- ing their kids meds just because a doctor said, this may be the side effects years after their usage.”

John Diego Vacca:
“Hundreds Mexican American ( La Raza) Gangs in Barrios every- where in Texas including San Antonio but not one of them can step up and protect our communities. What a shame! Plenty of grown men and young men who should be war- riors for our community and stand up would rather destroy brown communi- ties and allow these kill- ers (homegrown terror- ists) and negative political driven agendas by corrupt people to enter do as they please. Just my thoughts.”