It took me 2 years to locate a house on a VIA route before I purchased my house, and there was no sidewalk, much less a curb ramp then. So I know there are people looking for housing near wheelchair-accessible bus stops.
There is a VIA bus stop with 2 mini-seats (due to space restrictions) in front of the next house (2203 Steves Avenue). Sidewalk has curb ramp on both sides of Mittman Avenue.
Bus route is 32, which starts at Brooks City Base, and which continues as 96 “Vance Jackson” route after passing through downtown and goes to DeZavala near UTSA.Those route have been paired for many years, but when I first but the house in 2001 route 32 and 2 “Blanco Road” to the airport were paired. The pairings may change when VIA makes major changes to how it operates or if streets are permanently realigned.
My neighbor died 2 years ago. Her children refused to put a ramp on her house, so neighbors helped her connect with Texas Ramp Project through Meals on Wheels so she had a ramp her final year.

The Address of house for sale is
2207 Steves Avenue.

Agent Brian at 9178863707
or company at 2109797653

Photo of 2207 Steves
and curb ramp with bus stop