Courtesy of the Witte Museum
Fernando Ramos was an artist and dancer in San Antonio from the 1930s. His work is currently on view at the Witte Museum in an exhibition called San José Tiles: The Art & Artist.

This exhibition features more than 45 tiles, murals, photographs and other objects selected from the Witte Texas Art Collection. Highlighted artists include Fernando Ramos, whose work includes a popular series depicting Old San Antonio, principal tile painter Lucile Carmona, potters Mateo Espinosa and Ángel Rendón and metal artisans Theo and Kurt Voss.

For more than 40 years, artists of San Antonio’s San José workshops designed and created thousands of vibrant tiles, bowls, plates and other pottery that depicted scenes of festivals, villages, ranches, plants and animals. In San José Tiles: The Art & Artist, discover the people and techniques that made San José tiles so prized as you explore tiles from the workshop’s talented artists and workers.

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San José Tiles: The Art & Artist
March 24 – August 13, 2023
For all ages
Located in the Laura and Sam Dawson Gallery
Included in museum entry

Photo Captions:

Ceramic Workers Courtesy of the Witte Museum. Fernando Ramos and Carla Ramos dance team.Gift of Susan Toomey Frost.Witte Exhibit Details Courtesy of .