Today, my heart feels like this sunset is almost too much to bear. Mrs. Amelia “Millie” & Mr. Florentino “Tino” Duran are truly two people who were strong, enduring and encouraging lights of promise to many people. Together they brought this amazing city its first bilingual newspaper in 1989 – La Prensa de San Antonio. Together they brought hope to many in the community that craved for an opportunity of higher education. The hope they brought was in the form of a powerful solution: The La Prensa Foundation. The Foundation raised and provided more than 2 million dollars towards educational scholarships, and were available to many students that may not have had access to other programs.

Mr. Tino Duran was my mentor in publishing for 8 years. I experienced the Joint Blessing from both Mrs. Millie and Mr. Tino Duran as they both asked me to be The La Prensa Foundation Director in which I was taught, mentored and groomed for how to run The Foundation.
It is hard to put into words the exact measurement that equates to the magnitude of what this city, this community, this state has lost. But here is what many have witnessed: these two amazingly bright and shining stars poured all who they were into me, La Prensa de San Antonio, The La Prensa Foundation, their children, grandchildren, family, friends and countless others. There is not hardly a day that goes by that I don’t think about all that they did for me. They gave me an opportunity of a lifetime. And as they reunite in heaven with our faithful Lord and Savior- I pray that they can still see that none of their life’s work was lost on me.

My prayers go out to The Duran Family, Friends and Loved-Ones; that the peace of God provides comfort and grace during this time of sorrow.

Forever and Eternally Grateful