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About the Cover Artist: Amber Navarro and Brittney Scott

This Thursday October 4, LA-based artists Amber Navarro and Brittney Scott return to their hometown, San Antonio, deep in the heart of Texas. Situated right across from the river at Flight Gallery in San Antonioʼs Southtown Arts District, Navarro and Scott present a duet show entitled “Youʼre Doing Amazing, Sweet Tea..” The artists will be exhibiting entirely new bodies of work, both of which savor San Antonioʼs nicest features. A palette of warm primaries and playful neutrals is kissed with ultra-specifics like armadillos, BBQ, and Lubyʼs Cafeteria. While the artists work in quite separate modes, their practices are unified...

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About the Cover Artist: Lucy Llera

Today we have the honor of sharing our cover with Artist: Lucy Llera. The artwork featured is entitled, Don Jesús. Lucy Llera has been living in San Antonio since 1982 and received her Arts Degree from the University of Texas at San Antonio. But her desire and the pursuit of being a contributor to the expression of art and the knowledge of the arts, Ms. Lucy was a bilingual elementary teacher for 17 years and was a high school art teacher for 13 years. She continually advances her own artist skills as she studied under the guidance and direction of Warren Hunter, a well-regarded watercolorist, participated in painting workshops with Lesta Frank and Gladys Roldan de Moras, Daniel Green and Dalhart Weinberg among other endeavors. Lucy Llera lives a life that is a blossoming rich fragrance of love and passion and observation, through and for the breath of arts. Born in Cayey, Puerto Rico her artwork reflects the antiquity and long reaching, heritage and culture of the island. She is drawn to the display of the foundations and commitments that she observes that are being embodied by the artisans of Puerto Rico. The cover art that is featured today is an up-close vantage point; a profound segment, of her many experiences which are in the world around her. She shared with me her appreciation of the heavy responsibility that...

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About the Cover Artist: Denise Homer Pintor

The cover artwork is entitled, “Morning Chores over Easy”, created by a diversely skilled artist, Denise Homer Pintor. Denise has an indiscriminate educational background; in 1987 she obtained her degree in Political Science with a minor in Fine Art at the University of Texas at San Antonio. Further pursuits included learning from old Masters at Bellas Artes de San Luis Potosi in Mexico which were offered during several summer programs that she attended. Exploring her way through her talents and educational opportunities, Mrs. Pintor directed her focus on interior design and decorative arts. This field provided a wealth of experience and contacts. She enjoyed traveling and applying her skills in the custom builders profession as a talented artist/designer creating custom faux finishes and plasters. After a time, Denise redirected her attention in a more expressive artist direction of creativity. Drawing on her diverse background Mrs. Pintor is of Mexican-American / Anglo heritage and her work is reflective of nostalgic, family, childhood memories of a time that is often forgotten as our world quickly advances through modern contributions. Growing up on farms in both Mexico and in the Midwest her works often share with the audience what life was like from day to day. The featured artwork on our cover depicts a young girl washing eggs as a part of the list of daily chores that needed to be performed...

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About the Cover Artist: Jose Esquivel

Our cover artwork is entitled, “The Shrine”. It is an oil painted work that is reflective of the visual aesthetics of the quaint, colorful homes located on the city’s west side. The petite, skillfully manicured lawns are often intricately adorned with ornate objects. These precious objects hold significant meaning to the families that have taken the time to decor their dwelling. Every element is placed and arranged with intention and care. Meet internationally exhibited, critically acclaimed, award-winning artist, Jose Esquivel of San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Esquivel has been creating art for decades and he has advanced an influential career in the art industry for over fifty years. His work is rooted in social, political, cultural and environmental themes. The Chicano Socio-Political movement of the 60’s and 70’s was a major influence through his early works. Today Jose maintains a gallery on the west side of San Antonio and expressed his excitement and enthusiasm about the productive and expansive developments taking place in the community with art being a noticeable presence. Jose Esquivel has been published in countless publications, news articles and his work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums both nationally and internationally. To see his work, and contact the artist you can visit his website at:...

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About the Cover Artist: Gilbert Duran

Born in 1936, San Antonio Artist Gilbert Duran is a distinguished name in the art community. With many of his notable works reflecting historical and iconic themes that are synonymous with San Antonio, Duran has composed numerous painting that depict Frida Kahlo. This painting entitled, “Frida Margarita” is known as one of Gilbert’s favorites; it is in the collection of Guadalupe Rivera Marin, the daughter of the famous painter Diego Rivera who was married to Frida Kahlo. The Frida Margarita painting is an iconic image created by Gilbert Duran and it graces the walls of many high end restaurants...

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