Dr. Naydeen González-De Jesús assumed the esteemed position of the 13th president of San Antonio College on January 9, 2023. She is the second woman president in the school’s near century-long history.

Embracing her new role with vigor, she initiated an ambitious 100-day learning tour, immersing herself in a journey of active listening and exploration. The primary objective of this tour was to gather valuable insights and perspectives from diverse stakeholders, with the ultimate aim of shaping a fresh and dynamic strategy for SAC’s future success.

During this transformative period, Dr. Naydeen engaged with a wide spectrum of individuals, ranging from students, faculty, and staff to influential community leaders. She graced numerous events, spanning from high-level conferences and thought-provoking keynotes to more casual gatherings like student pizza parties and orientation sessions.

Throughout this comprehensive and intensive interaction with over 2,000 individuals in just four months, Dr. Naydeen was deeply moved and inspired by the unwavering passion and belief that everyone shared for San Antonio College. It became evident that the institution held a special place in the hearts of those connected to it, and their collective dedication to its future was resolute.

With profound insight gleaned from her encounters, Dr. Naydeen has laid out her remarkable experiences and key themes she identified during her first 100 days in office.

This special report offers an illuminating account of the activities undertaken, the vision unveiled, and the invaluable perspectives gained. Armed with this wealth of knowledge, she now stands prepared to craft the next strategic steps that will steer our community’s historic college towards an even more promising tomorrow.

For those of us who owe our professional start to San Antonio College, Dr. Naydeen’s leadership and vision of the future is nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Dr. Naydeen’s open letter to the SAC family and the San Antonio community of friends reflects her deep commitment to the success of students, faculty and staff:

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“The next chapter for our college is just beginning and the journey is going to be exciting. I look forward to working with all of you, as we build SAC’s future together.” ~Dr. Naydeen

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