Juventus Buys Cristiano Ronaldo

Serie A Italian Club and Champion, Juventus, buys Real Madrid Midfielder and superstar, Cristiano Ronaldo for $189 million on a four year deal. The five time Ballon d’Or winner, will be leaving former club Real Madrid. To put in perspective of how big this $189 million contract is for Ronaldo, here is a simplified way to look at this. Over the course of four years, Ronaldo will earn $47m a year, about $4 million a month, which equates to $912,587 per week. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, maybe this will. In Italy, it would take the average Italian in what’s considered their ‘Blue-Collar’ workers, nearly 20 years to earn what Ronaldo will do in just 4. Turin, the home of Fiat and team owners Agnelli Family, were met the day after the signing with mass riots and frustration from Fiat, Chrysler, and Jeep workers. An estimated $100 million in revenue for Jeep is expected after the signing due to exposure from the jerseys the team wears. The Jeep logo will be on the front of the Juventus will be everywhere in the world. Queues formed everywhere across Italy and online for Ronaldo jerseys. He will wear his iconic number 7 for his new Club. 33 year old Ronaldo scored 4 goals in 4 matches for his nation Portugal in this year’s FIFA World Cup. In La Liga with Real Madrid, he made 27 appearances scoring 26 goals. In the UEFA Champions league, he made 13 appearances with Real Madrid, scoring 15 goals. As Real Madrid fans are disappointed in the move for their beloved midfielder, Barcelona, Real Madrid fans and soccer fans across the world are sad to see the El Clásico rivalry won’t be the same without Messi playing Ronaldo.


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