Mexican Colonized History, 1821-1993

A Brief and Partial Chronology of Texas

1836- 1848

Researched, compiled & edited by Mario Longoria, Ph.D.

–On March 27, 1836, Mexican troops capture and execute 370 Anglo and Mexican Texans at Goliad.

–On April 21, 1836, Sam Houston’s army attacks Santa Ana’s forces at San Jacinto. In response to the attack, two Mexican officers organize a counter attack but are told by the commanding Mexican General to stand down and surrender.

–1841. In June, the Santa Fe Expedition sets out under the command of General McLeod. The purpose of the expedition is to offer the people of the New Mexico territory the opportunity of annexation to Texas. It ended in failure and disaster for the men and soldiers of the expedition.

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how to marmor –1845. Texas territory is annexed by the United States.

–1846-1848. Mexico reacts to the American thievery of Texas and breaks off diplomatic relations with the United States. In turn, President James K. Polk sends General Z. Taylor to the Texas Mexican border to provoke an incident. Taylor’s forces clash with Mexican troops and Polk declares war on Mexico.

–The U.S. House of Representatives voted that President Polk had begun the war unconstitutionally, and Congressman Abraham Lincoln from Illinois introduced resolutions requesting justification and full knowledge of the facts from the president for levying war on Mexico.