We are a team of filmmakers embarking on a creative journey to make a short narrative film called LIMONES, a story about a mother and daughter- and what happens when a loved one is captured by ICE. The film will be co-directed by Vanessa Pla and Carlos Castro. We were inspired to tell this story because of our current border and immigration crisis. A story like this is bigger than us, and we are doing it because we want to show what it’s like to go through the horror of having to deal with the separation of family- and in hopes inspire American’s to rethink and question the integrity behind ICE. Thanks to the Austin Film Society we have received a grant to pay for our equipment and Kodak film stock, but now we are left to raise the other half on our own. We are reaching out all over Texas and nationwide to help us tell a story that matters.

Our cast is mainly made up of  Mexican immigrants and we are also lucky to have Sonny Carl Davis (Bernie, and Fast Times at Ridgemont High) play our immigration lawyer.  As of now we are only at ten percent of our goal in order to start principal photography- and we hav come so far that we can’t lose hope. Which is why we are reaching out to the abyss in hopes that someone will hear us and join our call to action. We want Limones to exist beyond our imaginations- to stand strong as a short film that can help inspire others to walk in the shoes of the people that work very hard to be in this country and deserve to be heard. Help us tell our story.

You can contact us at Limonesthefilm@gmail.com if you are interested in making a tax- deductible donation, or if your heart desires you can also donate to our gofundme.


Help us make LEMONADE!


The Limones Team

IG: @limonesthefilm