For the fourth year, La Prensa Texas is collaborating with local artists to grace the cover of this publication with color and care. This volume in 2021 is the first year the cover art is curated monthly instead of weekly, allocating more space for the artist to showcase their catalogue, process and community access points.

Archives of La Prensa from the early 1920s look more like art magazines than classical newspapers. With large photographs of Mexican architecture, highlights on famous Hollywood actors and whole center spreads dedicated to one large classical painting, all described in spanish, La Prensa has been delivering a high art experience to San Antonio for decades.

We will honor this legacy by continuing to focus on Texas artists, who tell the story of our experience with their own hands. We are filled with joy to work with these artists this year:

April- Paul Garson
A multimedia Artist who specializes in murals, airbrush, acrylics, digital art with many pieces based out of San Antonio, TX. @PAULGARSON13

May- Liliana Wilson
A Texas based Chilean artist who has been painting and drawing for thirty years.

June- Suzy Gonzalez
Artist, curator, zinester, educator, and community organizer based in San Antonio, TX. Giving attention to the origins of both food and art materials, she analyzes what it means to decolonize art and art history.

July- Gabriel Garcia
Visual artist from San Antonio, TX, and a graduate of The School of the Art Institute of Chicago (BFA, 2009). Garcia has exhibited artwork throughout the U.S. in various media, including painting and drawing, public murals, sculpture, and mixed media installation.

August- Sergio Mata
A contemporary artist born on January 8th 1992 in San Antonio of Mexican American descent.

September- Maria
Almeida Natividad
A professional artist and educator living in El Paso, Texas. She holds a BA and MA degree in Art Education from the University of Texas at El Paso and has over 25 years of experience teaching art in the public schools. Maria grew up surrounded by the rich culture and heritage of her Hispanic background. It is an understanding and appreciation of this culture and history that she wishes to convey and encourage in her artwork, books and teaching.