By Yvette Tello

Weekly, I write an article for a nonprofit paper asking Facebook Friends and Family for their opinions on current events or issues that the Latino community faces. We received an email from an unhappy someone that I would like to share.

I will repost the piece she is talking about. I really try my best not to express my opinions. The truth is your opinions matter more to me and they are the point of my column.

The President has been impeached. Minutes after the House impeached President Donald Trump, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi refused to say when or whether she would send the articles of impeachment to the Senate for a trial. Do you think the articles will be sent to the Senate?  Let’s talk about it..

I am pissed-off and offended by your impeachment piece. Did you ask Latinos, Mexicanos, Chicanos who might have an issue with him calling us rapists, putting our kids in cages, and encouraging white people to shoot us down at Walmart’s? Yvette, what is phone number? You need to be held accountable for such biased journalism.

Alice Salinas

Do you agree with Ms Salinas? Is this piece biased? Is there something I should be held accountable for? Let’s talk about it.. #letstalkaboutit

 Alice Herrera: “Stating facts or making direct, correct quotes is not bias! That’s the way all media should present pieces. People don’t understand the difference between, feelings, opinions or FACTS!! On one more note, not ALL Latinos should think to FEEL the same.”

Richard Perez: “No it’s not. Some people are just too blinded by hate that anything said will be twisted and offensive.  You cant control how other people react to a simple statement.  It’s very unfortunate.”

 Carlos Araiza: “No bias, Yvette Tello. The reader is not listening to the whole picture. We as people have opinions, although there are many that may be ignorant and come out very offensive.”

 Enrique Martin: “There is nothing here that you could be accountable for! You wrote what took place and what was to be expected next. I agree that people so blinded by hate can read but not comprehend, can hear but not listen!”

Barbara Ann Mead Mendoza: “Salinas if full of crap. I’m a Latina. Case closed. No sense in arguing with a fool… Happy holidays!”

Terry Salas Hernandez: “Yvette Tello, she’s wrong about you. Your article is irrelevant to the things the president has done to us. But she is 100% right about what she’s saying about him.”

Rick Carter: “Salinas best find God in her life or else James 4:7 “hasta”!”

Priscilla Sanchez Hurt: “I don’t see any bias. You were stating the facts and asking for opinions.”

Casey White: “You didn’t post anything bias. She didn’t read the words you wrote. She jumped to a conclusion about what you wrote by seeing one word, impeachment. Had she read the article, she would have known it was asking for others opinions about the impeachment and not just saying what he was impeached for. We all know that he is a rapist, a murderer, and just an all round criminal.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I don’t think Alice understands the Constitution and she’s too used to nbiased reporting.  You asked a question and anyone who wanted answered. People have their thoughts- and opinions and they gave them.  That’s what op ed pieces are.  Alice has to accept and understand that not everybody shares her opinion and if she’s offended, that her issue not yours.  She needs to understand that it’s okay to disagree with someone and still like them. Just because she’s upset doesn’t mean the article needs to be removed.”

 Charlie Parker: ”That sounds like a threat. Back in the eighties I had a column in the New Braunfels Herald about Sail Boat Racing. Even something that light and frivolous could cause mean viscous letters to my house.  Cheer up your being read.”

Candace Price: “By all means, you’re not biased at all. This is just an example of the leftist hatred that has permeated throughout our nation.”

Blue Alvarez: “While your question was not biased, it is political, so I’m sure you expected to receive very biased responses.  I do feel, however, it was unprofessional to release the name of the person (or any person) who contacts you by email.  Even folks who write in to an advice column or to make suggestions often prefer to remain anonymous.”

Priscilla Sanchez Hurt: “Do not see Bias.  You stated the fact & asked people for their feedback.”

Tom Shattuck: “She’s ignorant and uninformed! My President never called all Mexicanos, Latinos or Chicano’s rapists nor did he put all their kids in cages. He never encouraged white people to shoot them down at Walmart’s or anywhere else!

Stay impartial and unbiased and your readers will keep reading!”

 Maria Araiza: “I wonder if she even voted ?!!  There is nothing wrong with what you wrote !”

Mary Valdez: “U did a good job! I agree with impeachment!!”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “There is nothing here that is biased. You asked for people’s opinions on the president’s impeachment and you got them. She was offended for the wrong reasons.”

Jazmin Zuniga: “Some Ppl are just Plain & simply Cray Cray!!! & Yes to the Impeachment!”