With this month being Hispanic Heritage Month, what better way to celebrate it than by attending a lowrider car show. One of the biggest car shows in San Antonio is the Low Low Car Show Concert and Culture Fest. On September 18, 2021, the 14th Annual Low Low Car Show was held at Rosedale Park. If you have never been to a lowrider car show, all I have to say is “Nombreeeeeee!” With beautiful cars, and even more beautiful artwork, such is the art that is a low rider.

Being Hispanic means many things, but one of the most important things to us all is familia. Low riding is just that…familia. Just walking around appreciating the beautiful cars and talking with the owners of these lowriders, you start to hear stories of how a family comes together to work on a car to not only make the car a beautiful work of art, but also to work on the bond that is familia. Thus, the low riding familia is a strong one to celebrate during Hispanic Heritage Month. So, to celebrate the low riding familias aqui en San Anto, we at La Prensa Texas will be featuring a low riding club and family once a month as a way of appreciating a culture which has always been about familia.