SPD Sports has been able to showcase two of the top Mexico’s soccer professional teams. Last Thursday November 15th many fans from San Antonio who normally watch those games on TV were able to see them in person at the Professional Soccer Stadium next to the Morgan’s Wonderland park. Chivas is the most emblematic soccer team in Mexico, where only Mexican players are allowed to play. Chivas do not use international players as other teams do. They all are home based players which make the team the most popular among the soccer fans. Pachuca, is a city very close to Mexico City. Pachuca, is a very strong team but it is not as popular as “Chivas”, but among this great players there is one that stands out among of all them. His name is “Conejo” Pérez, who is one of the oldest players in the series, with many championships under his belt. In addition, he has played for the Mexican National Soccer Team. In recent years, his charming personality, his ability as a goal keeper, plus his great people skills make him one of the Mexico’s most loved and followed players. Both teams scored once in the regular game, so they had to go to penalty kicks to decide a winner. The final score was: 4-3. Chivas was the winner! Expect more professional games in San Antonio. Follow Sports on La PRENSA TEXAS! Where the actions begins.