Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Jackie Velez

It’s Mother’s Day Weekend, and to help celebrate the special occasion, La Prensa’s own digital reporter, Natasha Gonzales, took the opportunity to interview her own mother, Carmen Borrego, on motherhood, raising her, and why being a grandmother is so special.
Borrego is one to admire, for she was working, attending school, and raising a little Natasha all by herself. How she could do so much and maintain her sanity is incredible. Yes, being a mother must be incredibly special, but La Prensa just had to ask which is better, being a mother or a grandmother.
“I would say mom because I had no concept on how to be a grandmother,” said Borrego with a laugh. “And now, I can tell you that being a grandma is-you can’t explain it.”
Borrego thought back to her own mother who had that exact same answer. There must be something that occurs internally to those who become grandmothers.
“Your children are already grown, they’re adults, and as a mother, you’ve done your job,” said Borrego.
When Borrego was asked what the best part of being a mother is, her response was endearing.
“Knowing that I gave birth to another human being that has impacted and made a difference in this world and will continue to do so,” Borrego said. “The best thing as a mother is that I have seen is your accomplishments when you graduated from high school, your mannerisms, your intellect, your knowledge base, you’re very articulate, very well liked, and I’m proud that I say that even though I pushed you, I pushed for education.”
An answer like that has to get a wonderful Mother’s Day gift. Your move, Natasha.
Borrego did have an interesting story to share, which was the time that the family cat scratched Natasha and then she vomited on the cat. Poor Natasha’s mother was running late to work at the time, too.
“I didn’t know whether to clean your arms from where the cat scratched you or to get the throw up off the cat,” Borrego said.
What an excellent story to tell on this Mother’s Day Weekend.
Happy Mother’s Day!