As the NFL enters week 10, teams are starting to pull ahead or completely crumble. Coaches tend to be the fall guy for a team’s lack of success. This year, there are some coaches that definitely stand out and are now on the hot seat.
In what was supposed to be the matchup of the year, the outcome exposed a lack of support around Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers. The Packers lost to Tom Brady and the New England Patriots 31-17. Aaron Rodgers threw for 259 yards with 2 touchdown passes, but Rodgers was inaccurate with a lot of throws and out of sync with the rest of the offense. And this is throwing at just about 60% which has been Rodgers most accurate season ever.
But, due to late game penalties and fumbles, this season’s losses are completely on Rodgers. Packers fans question Coach Mike McCarthy’s leadership and coaching style and think his time is up. Questionable play calls, one being an up the gut run play on the 2 yard mark leading to an opposing team’s safety against the Rams may be further proof that McCarthy is out of touch now with creativity. McCarthy has been the Packers head coach since 2006 with a record of 124-74-2 and playoff record of 10-8. With the Packers having not reached the Super Bowl since 2010, time in the hour glass may be up for McCarthy in Green Bay, certainly not Aaron Rodgers.
The Cowboys are facing a similar situation, with their head coach Jason Garrett following their 28-14 loss to the Tennessee Titans on Monday Night Football. It’s the Cowboys first loss on MNF since 2014 and first home loss of the season. Garrett has been the Cowboys Head Coach since 2011 and in that time his record as a head coach is 69-57 and just 1-2 in the playoffs.
Scott Linehan, the Cowboys Offensive Coordinator is also in the hot seat. Although Cowboys Quarterback Dak Prescott had a dismissal game, the lack of leadership from Garrett and lack of creativity from Linehan, has been a recipe for disaster for the Cowboys the past 3 seasons. Cowboys fans, known for being vocal, are fed up and they aren’t the only ones. Cowboys great Troy Aikman called after the game for a total coaching staff rebuild. Maybe he’s eyeing at owner Jerry Jones to give up his General Manager duties and hire an all new coaching staff. Only time will tell once the season ends. Being a head coach in any sport, at any level, is a tough job. With it being halfway through the season, it’s time for coaches and players to prove their worth. Time to put up or shut up.