NFL fans rejoice as a new season descends upon us. Will the Eagles be back to hold the Lombardi trophy again or will a new team be crowned champions? The season kicked off on Thursday, September 6 with the Atlanta Falcons taking on the Philadelphia Eagles, as part of League tradition for the defending Super Bowl champion to kick off the regular season.
This season should prove to be an exciting one for fans as more teams are starting to merge as either conference leaders or even league leaders. The biggest move coming out of the end of preseason is the acquisition of former Oakland Raider linebacker Khalil Mack who is now heading to the Chicago Bears. Unhappy with his Oakland contract, Mack held out of preseason and training camp hoping that would leverage the team into his desired contract. It worked, except, it worked for himself instead of the Raiders. Mack’s fate was sealed for a plethora of draft picks including two first rounds picks for next year’s draft. He is now the highest paid defensive player in history as the Bears signed him to a 6-year deal worth $141 million. His first big test will be tonight in prime time against Aaron Rodgers and the Packers in another chapter of one of the most historic rivalries in sports history.
In other big news leading up to the regular season, Cowboys fans were rocked with news of kicker Dan Bailey’s release. With a field goal accuracy of 88% over the course of his career, Bailey is the most accurate kicker in Cowboys history and is the 2nd most accurate kicker in NFL history. Multiple groin and back injuries may have stirred the pot to his release. Bailey was set to make $4 million next year but will now instead try to get a roster spot with the New York Jets.
For Jets fans, this could be the start of a new era, the Sam Darnold era. With the Teddy Bridgewater trade and with 38-year-old veteran Josh McCowan’s lackluster preseason, Darnold has earned himself the starting quarterback job for week one against the Detroit Lions. Darnold did not throw a single interception in the preseason and was about as efficient as a successful veteran quarterback. First-year head coach Matt Patricia from the Lions may have his hands full against Darnold in the bright lights of Monday Night Football.
With teams following the lies of “Super Teams” in the NBA, teams are gathering prime athletes to hoist up the Lombardi trophy in February. So far, it’s looking like it’s anyone’s year. Get your football game snacks ready and buckle up for a wild ride. The NFL is back!