By Yvette Tello

Two women are arguing about what normal is. One says the woman should take care of her husband and children and allow him to earn the money to pay the bills. The other woman says her man stays home and takes care of the home and children and she earns the money and that is the new normal. Another woman says her children are not allowed to socialize outside of school. She is told that is not normal. Two parents are of the same sex. They are told that is not normal.  Dad has PTSD and screams when he is having an episode. That is not normal. What is normal? Let’s talk about it…

Thomas Mc: “ No such thing as norm, just cultural norms people get accustomed to. People should do what works for them.

Lila A’Giza: “ Normal is what the individuals involved deem as so. There’s no standard or “fit to scale” scenario.

Scenario #1

“After I supported his career, he decided to be a stay at home dad while I pursued mine.”

Scenario #2

“He doesn’t want me to work and I am able to be a social butterfly. We both care for the home.”

Two different home dynamics, yet both have positive outcomes because it works for them.

Nina A. Sanchez:  “Exactly…what is normal? What is normal for one person,maybe be abnormal to another. We are all different. That’s how God made us. Yes we’re  entitled to our own opinion but it doesn’t make right or wrong. It’s like you seeing a glass half full where someone else can see it as half empty.  Some people  tell me I’m so immature for my age. What if I am?  I have also been told I’m full of life; fun, out going. So tell me, how is a 48 year old is suppose to act? I pay my bills. I raised my kids. I did everything I was suppose to do and I am  still doing it. I work.  I may not own a home . I am not close to my family but does that make me immature? I say everyone should  live their life however it makes them happy and comfortable. If it work for you, don’t worry about what others say or think . Live it to the fullest because remember  tomorrow isn’t promised…”

LeAnn M Dinsdale:  “There is no normal.”

Joanna Rodriguez: “My family screamed and yelled on a daily. My friend’s mom told her it was unhealthy to hang out with me. That was my normal. I knew no other way.”

Alexis Santos: “My brother tried to committ suicide several times. He was severely depressed and acted out often against family members. None of us liked it but it was our normal. He eventually was successful in committing suicide. I wish things were normal again.”

Melinda Gonzalez: “Everyone has the freedom to create their own norm, which is amazing because to a certain extent we have the power to choose the life we want. On the other hand, normal doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.  If your “normal” is negatively impacting your life or the lives of others, it’s time to take a step back and reassess.”