Serena Williams finds herself in hot water again with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) as she had a full game and point taken away from her during the match. In a heated exchange, more so on Williams’ part, Williams accused chair umpire Carlos Ramos a “thief” after taking the full game away from Williams for coaching. Coaching from the stands is a clear violation of ITF rules.
Also in ITF rules, chair umpires first give a warning, then a point is taken away, and the third and final punishment is either a full game was taken away or ejection from the match. Williams was given all three except the match disqualification.
Williams went on after the match, calling out “sexism” in the sport. Although Williams is accurate on how the ITF treats her and women in the sport shockingly drastic in the sport, at this moment she was wrong. Williams’ coach after the match admitted to coaching from the stands. If Williams’ was looking towards him and receiving information from him or not, it is still a violation. The ITF went on to fine Williams $17,000 for her actions, $10,000 for verbal abuse of an umpire and $4000 for coaching. Ramos has a history of taking away games from male tennis stars as well, weakening her argument against him.

Williams constantly fights the ITF for equality for women, those particularly women of color in the sport. Ultimately she stole the spotlight of the fantastic play of her opponent Naomi Osaka. Osaka beat Williams in straight matches. During the trophy presentation, instead of tears of happiness, Osaka was in tears of sorrow as the crowd booed the ITF for Ramos’ actions in the match. Williams got the crowd to settle down and embraced Osaka and comforted her tears. It’s Osaka’s first major title, and she is also the first Asian women to win a major title in tennis history.