What is being called The Wedding of the Year on July 24, 2021, is truly a celebration of love for Roberto A. Castañeda y Julián Garcia. With a six-tiered cake adorned with custom jewelry designed by Need For Bling, tables of 10 with a bottle of SKYY Vodka and 1800 Tequila Silver at each table, and impeccably lush outfits, we can be assured that this is going to be “an event you won’t be able to forget.”
The loving couple are building their home together from the landscaping on the outside, to the decor on the inside, to the nourishment they provide for one another in their ever-growing bond. Castañeda, a Licensed Professional Counselor who currently practices at The Center for Health Care Services, and Garcia, poet, painter, therapist to la gente, and Profession Hairdresser for over 30 years, understand that “Being in a relationship, you support each other when you have a bad day,” Castañeda states with genuine honesty, “We provide each other affection, support, and offer each other advice.”
The partners of four years compliment and balance each other like sugar and spice as they have learned to rely on each other’s strengths. Where one needs assistance, the other steps in to care for him, even offering a foot massage to relieve the stress of the day. Where one thinks long-term and towards the future, the other lives in the present, and with both perspectives of life, this amazing couple ground each other.
Garcia has been planning this incredibly special occasion for the last two years, choosing to wait after the pandemic to celebrate with as many people as possible at a bigger venue as opposed to a social distancing event due to Covid.
“I’ve literally punched holes in the world just to be seen.” Garcia, who is a self-proclaimed hardcore Catholic, states with great emotion. On July, 24 2021, Garcia will be seen by toda la gente, surrounded by love and light as the two have overcome their own adversities inside and outside of their relationship juntos.
“If you’re going to commit, commit because the emotions are there. Commit because your intentions are purely good. And don’t commit just because you’re going to get something out of it,” advises Garcia.
“Hopefully, this brings people some inspiration. I hope this becomes a beacon of light, love, joy, happiness, and strength,” Garcia states with a deep sincerity.
Regardless of your age, gender, lifestyle or preference, we can all learn a little something from this soon to be wedded couple and their journey in life. Entonces, let the love grow, gente.