Interview by Angel Contero
Article by Jeremiah Sosa

Bored at home one day, Sabdi Almaguer was looking for something to fill her free time. She was already heralded as a great cook by her friends, so she decided to create an Instagram page where she could share her recipes with them.
As she started posting, Almaguer realized that her recipes weren’t only reaching her friends, but people all over the world. She continued sharing her bright and colorful recipes, and the San Antonio local now boasts over 100,000 followers on her cooking themed Instagram page, @sizzling_withsabdi.
Almaguer has been in the kitchen since she was a small child, from helping her mother and grandmother make tamales for Christmas, to helping them prepare a big feast by peeling 20 garlics. She has seen and experienced what goes into making authentic Mexican cuisine.
That is something that influenced Almaguer to create her page. She wanted to show the rawness in cooking, without the social media filters.
“Once you see (dishes) published on platforms, they’re very edited so it’s not really what you’re eating,” said Almaguer. “I want it to just be natural, and how I do it, maybe a lot of people can relate.”
But, just because Almaguer prefers her natural cooking style doesn’t mean she isn’t inspired by other social media cooks.
“You see all these recipes and sometimes you get a little bit from here a little bit from there,” said Almaguer. “A lot of people are set on an exact recipe every single time, but I feel like it’s very important to always try to improve that and always deviate from what you usually do to try to make that better”
The popular social media cook had one final message for fanbase called her “Sizzlers.”
“As long as you’re doing what you love, you should definitely go for it.”