Watching the January 6 Committee Hearings is like experiencing a flashback to June 1973 when I began to cover the Watergate Hearings. I had been transferred to Washington, D.C. from Guam where I was a member of the Guam Press Association. Therefore, I was able to obtain U.S. Senate Press Photographer’s Gallery credentials. I even took 8mm movies and color pictures for myself since I had to shoot black and white at ASA 400 (no flash) for the print media. Hence, I got to see all the Senators that served in this committee in action; and in the process made friends with Sen. Howard Baker. With the exception of the top picture which I purchased from photographer Fred J. Maroon to prove I was there, here’s a few behind the scenes images that I snapped. If that does not look like me it’s because I was 32 going on 33.