Interview by Natasha Gonzales
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

Dancer. Instructor. Choreographer. Photographer. Entrepreneur. Mother. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Role Model. Artista Nina Padilla is an all around Renaissance Mujer. With two degrees from Texas State University, one in Dance and one in Nutrition, our Reina on the Rise is the owner of Vignette Portrait Photography (focusing on contemporary portraits and personal branding) and Motion Arts Media, LLC, a full-service media local business, which centers on marketing, not only offering services in photography, but in videography, product photography, commercials, and social media marketing as well, including content creation and management of platforms, with both companies specializing in the performing arts. Though this is a new venture in her journey, Padilla is in no way new to the field. Her experience in choreography, set design, light design, scene design, and photography has more than prepared her for this time in her life…to work for herself con familia as a strong support system, while supporting local businesses, thus sustaining our local economy.

Many local business owners were impacted by Covid-19 in 2020. Unfortunately, artista Nina Padilla was no exception to this cruel rule. With her own successful portrait business catering to dance schools and companies at the time, the pandemic managed to cancel all events, consequently canceling Padilla’s opportunities for work. Ergo, our Reina fell into a place of depression, as many can relate to the whirlwind that we call 2020. However, where there are shadows, there is light, and Padilla found her lighting in her self-portraits project, which, according to her, “turned into a life saving self-love part of me that I needed to explore.” She had to reevaluate her situation and pivot. Adapting in 2020 is something we all became familiar with. And so, through her resilience, a brand new company, supporting local businesses and artists, *nacio.
So, for all the artistas out there, *recuerdas, “We are adaptable. We are resilient. We will pivot. And that’s the amazing thing about being an artist,” hence, with Padilla’s passionate words, “Always speak your truth.” Your art will reflect who you are, Reinas.

*nacio- was born
*recuerdas- remember
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