By Yvette Tello

Some people meet that special someone on the first try; some of us are not so lucky. I have seen many of my friends start over after 20 years of marriage. What was your experience? Did the first time around work out for you or did you get it right the second time or even the third time? What made the relationship fail? What made the relationship work? Let’s talk about it..

Rick Carter : “listening.”

Michelle Bautista: “ Wish I knew what went wrong. 25 years and got blindsided. First Valentine’s Day alone but better to be alone than unwanted in a relationship.”

Virginia Ann Sherwood: “ Drugs and greed, broke my marriage. But at last, I found the right man. I just had to realize he was always there; my best friend of over 17yrs.

Elsa Sixtos: “ If you wait long enough, you’ll find that knight in shining armor;  a little dented but he will come.  What causes a marriage to fail is insecurities, cheating, and not paying attention to your loved one.”

Randy Rios: “ My first marriage was my high school sweetheart.  We were young and in love and we grew up together. She was my everything. Then, we grew up, grew apart then fell out of love. We even despised each other secretly. We both blamed each other for not having better lives. We divorced after the kids graduated and we both found our soulmates. We don’t communicate anymore but we are both very happy.”

Scott Garcia: “The third time was a charm for me. I finally found someone I didn’t have to change for.”

Raymond Caseres: “ Marriage isn’t easy. It is commitment and getting through the hard times. It is holding on no matter how bad things are. It is being present. It is not wanting what everyone else has but appreciating what you do have. I was married for 27 years. She died 25 years ago, but it was enough to last me a lifetime. Until we meet again, she is my forever love.”

Jenifer Perales: “ I am in a marriage that is so rocky but I wouldn’t trade it for anything. We have our ups and downs but this is one road trip that will never end. We have grown up together and we will grow old together. “

Kayla G: “I have been fortunate enough to find love many times in my life. All of my relationships ended because their season was up. We all evolve and change and that is not a bad thing. Everyone of those relationships had a reason and a season.”