Network for Young Artists (NYA) is an arts education initiative that provides cultural performing arts opportunities year-round for students in marginalized communities. The program is run by Executive Director Robert Treviño. The programs promote and enhance Latino Arts and combine them with a diverse and inclusive culture to create a unique environment for personal and artistic growth.
unlimited classes to learn guitar, dance, drums, voice, and keyboard. The small classes are taught by talented instructors in each of the specialized areas. The classes are located in a large space adjacent to the Centro Cultural Aztlan, and students are encouraged to seek opportunities to perform as a group or individually. Two
students in the voice and keyboard class have formed a small band and have been invited to perform at community events. Students from the dance group have also had opportunities to perform both classical and modern dance.
For more information or to become a member, visit or call 210-226-5611.
Group photos courtesy of Network for Young Artists. Band practice photos by Ricardo Romo.