By Yvette Tello
Today I overheard a conver- sation between two ladies talking about the separa- tion of children from their families at the border. One of the ladies worked for immi- gration. She explained that the reason that the children are separated is because the people that are coming in the country with are not their parents or do not have documents proving that they are their children. If chil- dren come into this country with their parents and the proper documentation they are not separated from their parents. They have to verify the children are not missing children and if the parents are aware that there are even being brought to our country. She said human trafficking is the biggest concern for these children. There is a big demand for children in America for many different reasons. I thought all the children were being sepa- rated from their parents. I was truly enlightened today on this issue. What do think? Let’s talk about it…

Monica Monica:
“Yessssss!!!!!! So much talk about how awful this is! What about that poor child who is brought here by some stranger only to be sold so he can have a little money. People need to see the light.”

Melida Melissa Lopez:
“It’s true and you do know San Antonio is on top of the list for human trafficking especially children right there was a report awhile back on 20/20 and world news on this all in all we have to think about the safety of the children”

Candace Price:
“Mainstream media does not want anyone to know that most children are not accom- panied by real parents and that trafficking is an issue, yet they try to act like they care so much, instead are per- petuating the stolen children and trafficking problem.”

Thomas Mc:
“Sorry she did not fully explain this correctly. 2600+ children have been separated of those 46 were not accom- panied by parents. 46 that is all. The vast majority were separated from their fam- ily. This is based on number from the government that the ACLU sued to get.”

Richard Perez:
“Yup we live in a world were people will believe what the media says over people on the ground doing the job. Don’t let a person who is onsite seeing the day to day workings of it hinder your political agenda.”

Amigo Mike Sarabia:
“My cousin and brother in law and his son all work there and they told me different. Yes there are many brought that way but majority are families.”

Felipe Vargas:
“Some of that conversation is true yet it is incomplete… children are definitely get- ting separated from parents when entering without in- spection (so called reentry criminalization julian castro talked about in the debate) this means they don’t enter through a port of entry and instead swim or cross a des- sert before being detained … they are also separated when the parents present them- selves legally if the parent has a criminal issue in home country or when they were in the US previously… kids that come with siblings that are older or grandparents, aunts and uncles are also separated… CBP and ICE are definitely separating parents from their children even with the correct paperwork … usually the border officials confiscate and throw away all of the peoples official documents as a form of pun- ishment and dehumaniza- tion for their seeking out a constitutional right to seek asylum… so this immigration person your talking about is correct in one respect but didn’t fill in the gaps. There wasn’t a gap in Melania’s process even though she was undocumented nor was there a gap in her parents process… to be clear this crisis was manufactured by the execu- tive branch and can only be fixed from the top … chal- lenges at the bottom reflect a lack of leadership at the top … religious volunteers and law enforcers can only cover the president’s ass for so long … the system is so overwhelmed that sooner or later its gonna shut down and the most vulnerable at the margins will suffer even more unfortunately.”

Jesus Tello:
“Everybody has to agree we have a major problem with immigration right now. We’ve had one for a while. It sucks cause it’s not going to get fixed because of Con- gress and the Orange idiot. Good luck to our country.”