Interview by Julia Aguillon
Article by Jackie Velez

Social Media Day is June 30, and La Prensa Texas has you covered with the Social Butterfly Gal, Christina Olivarez, Founder and CEO of Christina SBG, LLC.
What exactly does Social Media Day mean to the award-winning social media strategist, Christina Olivarez?
“I help business owners elevate their social media strategy,” said Olivarez of her role in social media.
Olivarez has a degree in Mass Communications and Electronic Media and is at the top of her social media game. Simply put, she was made for the social media world! But what made her start her business years ago?
“I was noticing that social media was really starting to come about,” said Olivarez.
Olivarez was in Public Relations at the time and realized that local businesses were not utilizing their social media to the best of their ability. She eventually created the blog, The Social Butterfly Gal, and started attending events to see what social media platforms she could discuss to local businesses. Soon after, she pivoted her business towards education and providing social media tips and strategies, which led to her strategy and consulting business.
“I’ve been able to work with many different businesses nationwide,” said Olivarez.
Olivarez trains profit and non-profit businesses in the art of social media. One of the services she offers is called VIP Strategy Day, an entire day dedicated to local businesses and their Instagram strategies. She even did a talk on TEDx Palo Alto during Covid-19! In her TEDx talk, she discussed reimagining the way everyone uses their social media platforms and why it’s so important to have a social media strategy. The impact of that TEDx was huge!
“Because of Covid, we saw so many businesses gravitate to social media,” said Olivarez. “It’s just amazing to see the power of social media.”
You can find Olivarez’s TEDx Palo Alto on YouTube.
To help local businesses more, Olivarez is launching a digital shop, which will entail resources, courses, and templates, so that business owners can utilize the information to further their businesses.
“Trust in yourself, have faith in yourself, feel the fear and do it anyway,” Olivarez said.
Wise words from The Social Butterfly Gal.
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