In Texas, you need a permit to fish but on September 1st you will not need a permit to carry after Gov. Abbott signs gun legislation. What is the purpose of this? Do you think this is a good idea? Let’s talk about it…

Thomas Mc
Is it a good idea to let the undereducated, the mentally ill, the untrained, and the petty egotist have a gun? Nah, what could go wrong? It’s all bread and circuses. He is appeasing to the lowest common denominator to distract from all the major issues. Now when he runs he can say any opponent will take gun rights away and the people with the gun fetish will forget everything else and vote him in again. I don’t care, I’m done with this state. The only exception is Alpine, Texas. Visiting new states this month and next for other places to be. Now believe me, I’m not voting for the idiot by any means, he’s a train wreck, but the GOP in this state has systematically gerrymandered for decades and has this in the bag. Even if San Antonio, Austin, and Houston , maybe even Dallas, vote against Abbott, he will still win because of all the rural towns that buy into the religious and gun propaganda. On top of that new voting restrictions make it very difficult for people to vote in some cases. It sucks but they have been building this for years with little opposition. Same story is happening all over the country. I will do my part. I just feel it won’t be enough.”

Jesus Tello: “Fight for your state. Let’s vote this dumbass out of office.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Absolutely – shall not be infringed.”

Darwin Walker: “Thats dumb.”

Jaime Castro: “Absolutely outrage and just not acceptable but we just gotta pray and be strong that it doesn’t turn out to be a state of murders, killings, cause whatever happens the deaths, and blood will be on his hands. He is just beyond a moron.”
Andy Squire: “Law abiding gun owners are not the ones committing the crimes. Did the people who have concealed licenses start murdering people right and left? No, they are law abiding folks. It will be no different when this takes effect. It is illegal to murder so why would people just start now?”

Cynthia Garcia: “What Thomas said. Our young people are even wanting to move to another state over the sad state of affairs our state is headed towards. They fear for their life with the entitled and angry folks able to have a gun handy to be impulsive if they don’t get their way.”

Ralph Tello: “Either way, there is no easy solution. Our children will bare the consequences.”

Jerry Rowray: “Well, as long as we keep the laws and restrictions to purchase a firearm – that will restrict some of the worst. The thought of law abiding citizens walking around with some firearms may be a deterrent to those who might take advantage of innocent people. On the other hand .. in the old west anyone could pack heat and very few actually did. If there was a way to regulate hate that would be the ultimate solution.”

LeAnn M Dinsdale: “Scary”

Christopher Liserio: “To carry both do not require a permit. If you go fishing without a license you may get a fine. Maybe. If you go shooting…even if you legally own it you will be arrested until it is determined that you used your gun in self defense. This bill only really pertains to openly carrying small firearms. You will still need an I. D. and be able to pass a background check to purchase them. I am a supporter of the second amendment. I feel it is a law that was put in for a purpose and it should not be taken away. I ALSO FEEL that Joe Dummy who has never fired a gun, does not understand gun safety, and has no idea of what consequences/ responsibilities come with carrying a gun in the general public should be openly carrying one.”

Frances Potter: “Hell no. I do not know who he is kissing up to, but more deaths will be on his hands.”

Michael Suarez: “But with all this said, do you think criminals really CARE about any law? If they intend to rob, kill or rape, no little paper posted is going to stop them. Kinda levels the field as most criminals don’t practice gun safety or even go to a range, a bunch of innocent bystanders are hurt or killed in spray and pray drive-by attacks.”

Gerard Bustillo: “Have you ever been hooked by someone fishing behind you that has no idea how to handle that fishing rod? It’s not a pretty sight.”

Shawn Armstrong: “Here’s how I look at it, I really don’t think any Tom, Dick and Harriet should have a gun that has never been trained to use one but I also understand that the 2nd amendment gives everybody the right to bear arms. So I don’t think that like it was back in the old days when everybody knew how to use a firearm, nobody should be using the here and now because so many people really don’t know how to use a DVR much less a gun. Open carry is for advertisement (look at me, look at me) conceal carry is for protection! The weak will die first if the sh** really hits the fan and the weak are showing themselves front and center. It’s not my job, or the people that know how to defend themselves, to take care of them. They’ve had long enough to figure it out, the weak will just drag the strong down. If you think you’re a lion, the lion does tricks in the circus; you need to be a wolf, a wolf takes care of its own, nobody else does!”

Drew Macias: “Because fish crime is not under control.”

Jeff Mahl: “That is because fishing kills fish but guns do not kill fish.”