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StokkersUSA, a leading hemp company committed to making a positive impact, is proud to announce the Time Traveler Tribute Tour, an extraordinary event that celebrates the spirit of time travel while supporting the noble cause of Food for Hunger. This unique tribute tour not only transports attendees through the enchanting 80’s Heavy Metal era but also raises awareness and funds for those facing food insecurity. The event will take place on July 1, 2023, from 5:00 PM to 11:30 PM at 17400 Somerset Rd, Von Ormy, Texas 78073.
The Time Traveler Tribute Tour, brought to you by StokkersUSA, intertwines the captivating allure of the 80’s Heavy Metal era with the profound purpose of Food for Hunger. As attendees embark on a journey through time, propelled by the exhilarating performance of Wheels of Steel, a renowned Saxon Tribute band, they are also invited to contribute to the fight against hunger.
The tour’s mission extends beyond the bounds of music, embracing the spirit of compassion and social responsibility. Within the vibrant ambiance of the event, attendees will have the opportunity to make a tangible difference by bringing two cans of non-perishable items, thereby supporting Food for Hunger. As a token of appreciation, StokkersUSA offers a $2 discount on the entrance fee for those who donate, underscoring the collective commitment to alleviating food insecurity.
Moreover, the Time Traveler Tribute Tour encapsulates the essence of the 80’s Heavy Metal era, an era that continues to captivate music enthusiasts across generations. With the band taking the stage at 7:00 PM, attendees will be transported back in time to relish the rebellious energy, unapologetic charisma, and empowering anthems that defined this remarkable period. The event promises to be reminiscent of a mini Woodstock, where the spirit of unity and freedom of expression thrive within an outdoor venue.
In addition to the mesmerizing music, the Time Traveler Tribute Tour offers an array of captivating activities. Attendees will have access to a specially designed time capsule, providing an opportunity to connect with their future selves and contribute handwritten letters, personal messages, artwork, and cherished photographs of their area and community. The time capsule will also house documents chronicling the area’s history, recent newspaper clippings, favorite recipes, and wrappers from beloved local food establishments. Through this interactive experience, StokkersUSA encourages attendees to participate actively in preserving and sharing the essence of their community.
“Our commitment to making a positive impact is at the core of the Time Traveler Tribute Tour,” stated Eli Rodriguez, the visionary founder of StokkersUSA. “By combining the timeless appeal of the 80’s Heavy Metal era with the noble cause of Food for Hunger, we create an event that not only entertains but also empowers individuals to make a difference in the world.”
The Time Traveler Tribute Tour is not only an occasion for musical indulgence and nostalgia but also a platform to support Food for Hunger and foster a sense of community. Attendees can expect a diverse range of food and beverage vendors to cater to their cravings. Additionally, the event features a mesmerizing fire performance by Ember Sol and offers the opportunity to explore high-quality CBD products provided by vendors.
StokkersUSA is dedicated to driving change and promoting better choices. By aligning the Time Traveler Tribute Tour with the purpose of Food for Hunger and the timeless appeal of the 80’s Heavy Metal era, StokkersUSA aims to inspire individuals to make conscious decisions and contribute to a healthier, more equitable world.
The Time Traveler Tribute Tour promises to be an extraordinary and immersive experience. . The outdoor venue allows attendees to embrace the beauty of nature while being transported through time by the power of music.
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