By Yvette Tello
Latinos cook a large percent- age of the food we eat, grow the ingredients we need to make that food, clean our houses, mow our lawns, and look after our children. Some, of course, like to claim that “They are stealing American jobs.” Latinos do much of the work in this country that the majority of entitled American people simply won’t even consider doing. Do you agree or disagree? Let’s talk about it…

Gilbert Dimas Jr:
“ I disagree. Mexican nationals, Hondurans, Guatamalens and Venezuelans make up the workforce for crap jobs, not hispanics. Americans are lazy and spoiled. It still doesn’t mean you should come here illegally. I work hard. As an employer, I see it every day. AMERICANS ARE LAZY. I would gladly hire an immigrant that works hard.”

Joann Laque:
“I disagree Gilbert Dimas Jr. I personally know people from Honduras and not one of them work and came to the USA to take and send to their homeland. “Take” from living of women, selling drugs & screwing people over. I am not saying all of them; just the ones I know. Now Mexicans, I’m married to one and together we have gone a long way successfully. He has family members that never worked in the USA & live off other family members and having USA kids to live off. I’m a US citizen and work everyday for what I have. No government recipient here so you can’t say Americans are lazy.”

Michael Hernandez:
“ Agree”

Benjamin Godina:
“ Agree…unfortunately I believe it’s historically been done that way and we continue to allow it. Even more so when we continue to give our kids too many choices.”

John Briseno:
“I would say lazy Americans that want a hand-out and have a strong sense of entitlement are the problem.”

Holly Benchoff:
“Regardless of wording..I would agree…also, though, let’s not forget the other races which grew up on farms who also still do everything themselves.”

Frank Pancho San Miguel: “ I’m Chicano. Most white people will not do jobs that Mexican /American people do for the same price and Mexican people do for less. I learned that from experience.”

Bernadette Leyva-Teveni: “ But they take advantage of the situation. Also, a lot of people are checking the box white not Hispanic, Latino,. Mexican American, etc.”