As I walked into the lobby of a beautiful local hotel, I was met with a long, blonde haired Sonja De La Paz who greeted me with a big smile. We take a seat in the lobby and we immediately begin to talk about her musical roots. While she is fairly new to being a solo artist, she is no stranger to the limelight and tejano music. Sonja begins to talk about her new single “Me Decias”, a collaboration with fellow artist Veno Mona which can be found on all music streaming services. Her passion for music is shared with her husband and hopefully her children one day as she states that currently her children “have grown used to hearing her music but are always excited to hear her interviews”. When asked what her hopes are for the future of Tejano music, De La Paz states, “I’d love for all of the chingonas to emerge”. A common sentiment felt across the newer wave of Tejano music. Watch out men because the women of Tejano are coming in HOT! Sonja has recently partnered with Demmi Garcia, Shelly Lares, and Monica Saldivar in the hit song “Nada de ti”. Not only is Tejano music taking on a new turn with its upcoming superstars but it is making a comeback so to speak for the younger crowd who will surely keep Tejano alive!
You can follow Sonja De La Paz on Facebook and Instagram and of course on all streaming services. Let’s continue to support Tejano music both old and new.