The Houston Texans and the Dallas Cowboys both lead their divisions heading into week 16 but haven’t clinched them yet. For the Texans, it’s a feat that’s almost a sure bet, if not at least a playoff appearance. For the Cowboys, they will have to win their last 2 games. They will face the Tamp Bay Buccaneers at home but will have to finish their season up north at MetLife Stadium against rival New York Giants. After a shocking upset by the Indianapolis Colts, their fate lies in their own hands. Luckily for them, they own the tiebreaker over the Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins if either team’s record ties with theirs. If they lose both games and the Redskins or Eagles win both their games, then Dallas loses their divi- sion and possibly a playoff berth. Philly faces off against the Texans and Redskins to fin- ish the season. The Redskins face the Titans before meet- ing the Eagles in week 17. For the Texans, they are currently in 2nd place in the AFC Conference behind the Kansas City Chiefs at a record of 10-4. The Texans warm a playoff berth with a win over the Eagles and also with a loss by either the Baltimore Ravens or Pittsburgh Steelers. If the Texans want their first round bye in the playoffs, they’ll need a win and also a New England Patriots loss against the Buffalo Bills. Get ready for the best 2 weeks of regular season football. Weeks 16 and 17 are make or break for teams still in the hunt for a playoff spot. For the Texans, it’s a matter of where they’ll land on the playoff bracket. For the Cowboys, it’s either make the playoffs by division title or depend on rivals along with how the Vikings and Seahawks finish their seasons.