By Jessica Duran
Sports can be considered a hobby, a passion, just silly games, and something that truly brings people together. There’s no question how deep of a bond there is between sports and the city of San Antonio and there’s no better example of that than the bond between the Spurs and this city.
The Spurs were eliminated in a tough series against the Denver Nuggets, against all odds, the Spurs took the Nuggets to a game seven matchup. Having no Kawhi Leonard, Manu, Tony Parker, a healthy Dejounte Murray on that team last year getting swept by the number one seeded Warriors, made this series without them seem like new year, same result. But, this year’s roster, pushed the number 2 seed to seven games and stealing an impressive game one victory in a hostile environment like the Pepsi Center in Denver.
This series represented the season as a whole. Full of mystery, ups and downs. Sure, we didn’t get the full result we want every year but the team stepped up and did the best could with what they had, and they learned more about themselves.
Fans are upset and say crazy things like “trade everyone” or “DeRozan isn’t a superstar! Such a ball hog”. Can you blame them? After seeing 5 titles in 20 years with a playoff streak as long as ours, we demand excellence because Coach Pop and the Spurs have demanded excellence themselves every year. Negative things fans have said I’m sure purely out of frustration, and nobody is more frustrated then the players themselves. So take time to dwell on it for awhile then move on and cut these guys some slack. Come October, the team will have moved on and have prepared to come back stronger and us as fans will have on our jerseys, our car horns ready, and be chanting “Go Spurs Go”.
Everywhere you go in this city, there are Spurs shirts for sell, pictures of the big three in our favorite taqueria, or giant murals of Spurs legends painted on Rudy’s Seafood Restaurant and other locations. The Spurs and basketball are in this city’s blood. THAT is what makes San Antonio so special, because all though sometimes sports can bring out the worst in us but it can bring out some of the absolute best in us.
So thank you Spurs for a terrific season, you guys have meant more to me and my family than you could ever know as many others probably feel the same way. Without you guys, there are no honking in the streets for a good reason, free coffee to get us through the day after a playoff win. But, most of all the heart of this city could never be as full and warm with out the silver and black. Enjoy your summer, you’ve earned it, and we’ll see you in October to start another run on our “Race for Seis” and as always GO SPURS GO!