By Yvette Tello

Do you think children and adolescents of Latino/Hispanic background often face different challenges like language barriers, parental citizenship status, and the economic disadvantages can result in depression, substance abuse, gang-related violence, domestic violence, and suicide?  Let’s talk about it..

Angela Sarabia: “Sometimes it is impossible to break the cycle.”

David Bryan: “ We all have problems. Suicide and depression has not prejudice. All cultures are affected.”

Andrea Adame: “ Not being accepted affects our mental health so yes being latino can result in depression and suicide. Imagine not having your parents from one day to the next because they are not legal to be here?”

Raphael Trevino: “ Latinos are made tougher than most. We have been struggling with these issues for a very long time and our suicide  rates have only increased when we started “talking about it.” When this was a part of what we had to accept, it was just a part of life and we were not sad about it or killing ourselves over it. We didn’t like it and it wasn’t right but it was part of life.”