Interview by Acey Turner
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

What began in 1913, during the Mexican Revolution as a means of informing la gente in regards to the Mexican American War, was then resurrected by the late Tino Duran to highlight Latinos in a positive light, is now again renewed with Yvette Tello at the helm, a name synonymous with La Prensa Texas, to continue the Duran Legacy and to foster and support the growing unity of people of color in our city. Trust that she does not just talk about, she is about it.

“Our biggest goal, our mission is to talk about, not just the injustices that have happened to Latinos, but to all of us as [people of color], because we are all the same and going through the same struggles. And this is the time we have to unite, and we have this wonderful platform that we can share and grow,” states Tello, Interim Publisher of La Prensa Texas.

From memories of the Malthouse to the Buttercrust Factory field trips we all remember growing up, Tello grew up on the beautiful streets of San Antonio’s Southwest side of town. With a background in Marketing, Tello has much to add to the living institution of La Prensa Texas, and we have much to learn from her.

“We became a nonprofit,” Tello explains, “So, we can definitely respect and continue the legacy of Tino Duran…I think it’s important that we continue to really not focus on the problem, but talk about the problem and focus on the solution,” Tello explains, who will soon attend an online program offered by The Campaign School at Yale where she will bring and use the wonderful knowledge she has gained to continue the much needed work of highlighting the positive cultural community content in our city.

The ever-enduring Tello, who was asked in 2018 to assist in keeping the longest running bilingual newspaper in the United States alive, is someone who never wants to promote herself, but always wants to uplift and promote the indelible work here at La Prensa Texas.. Through her arduous work, and with our Board of Directors, she is able to do just that.

“I realized how important it was that this paper needed to stay alive, and it wasn’t going to stay alive by only targeting our older Latino community, but that we had to really envision and embrace everybody, every age…the Latinos and every culture, because it’s not our color of skin, but it’s San Antonio Culture,” comments Tello. Unity for our city is the only way to move forward.

Now, with the many digital platforms available to society, we are not only in print and on our website. “You can find us at your local HEB’s , on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. You can find us on the streets,” declares Tello, our Interim Publisher, with great warmth and pride.

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