Interview by Roy Aguillon
Article by Celinda De La Fuente

San Antonio is filled with assiduous entrepreneurs and community leaders who are determined to uplift todos en nuestra sociedad. We need not look any further than Thomas Jefferson High School alum Louis Escareno, Attorney at Law and La Prensa Texas’ Board Secretary who still resides on the Westside of San Antonio in the very house he grew up in. Escareno has a long history of working to build up underserved communities.
While working on his degree from the University of Pennsylvania, over the summers, Escareno would work for Congressman Henry B. Gonzalez. After graduation, he worked for the US Senate with Senator Lloyd Benson, then making his way to the Whitehouse all by the age of 26. He later obtained his Masters Degree from Harvard Kennedy School which is the public policy school of Harvard University. After graduating from law school in Houston and becoming a lawyer, our Westside leader worked for the Mayor of Houston and directed federal relations for the city, where he worked with former Texas Attorney General Dan Morales as Deputy Chief of Staff and Special Assistant Attorney General in charge of cross-border issues. He also sits on numerous chamber boards all across the nation, including but not limited to: the San Ysidro Chamber of Commerce, The United States-Mexico Chamber of Commerce, and the U.S.-Mexico Border Philanthropy Partnership.
“I admired La Prensa because I realized, very early on, that it served as a community platform,” recalls Escareno as he reminisced upon the late and great Tino Duran who was a family friend.
“I think we have an obligation as La Prensa Texas, because it’s a platform and a brand that many in the community gravitate towards, to deliver positive healthy messages…” former President of the San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Escareno responds with admirable fervor. As a non-profit newspaper, we are passionate about our content and well-researched articles written by well-respected community leaders.

“I see [La Prensa Texas] as a place where we can, as a community, honor our own, honor our family, and celebrate life,” states Escareno.

With our citizen journalists leading in community news, with the support of Louis Escareno, we can continue to do just that and honor toda la gente in our communities.