On Thursday April 1, 2021 Marsha Mahaffey Owner and CEO of Jokesters 22 Pub N Grub located at 713 S Alamo SA, TX 78215 will be holding a huge celebration in honor of her 3-year anniversary. As she still has some small unpaid bills to catch up on after being forced to shut down twice in the last year and receiving little to no financial help, she had to make the fearful decision and figure out how to legally reopen her business. Aside from switching her license around several times and being the only person able to run her business, she had to make sure she made enough time to take care of herself and stay healthy in order to prevent getting COVID-19. On top of the many issues, she also struggled with the riots being down the street from her business and shortly after that the second shutdown occurred she did not think she would make it. Looking back now, she refers to her business as “The Little Engine that Could”. Marsha Mahaffey would like to inspire people with her story and bring back comedy to shed some laughs and light to people’s lives because it is time for everyone to blossom. This anniversary party is much more than a day but a story about a small-town San Antonio girl that fought for her dream. The best thing you can do when you go to her establishment is enjoy it! Please join her April 1st for 5k in raffles, live music, DJ’s, comedy, and a costume contest. She would like to invite 2 lucky winners to her VIP party which include free drinks, food, and a sneak peek of the weekend comedy show.