The coronavirus pandemic is placing strain on staffing at San Antonio restaurants trying to operate at 100%; they don’t have the employees to do so. Why do you think so many restaurants do not have the staff to operate at 100%? #letstalkaboutit

Carmen G Espejo: “So many businesses, not only restaurants are suffering due to the pandemic and the domino effect it has caused. Unemployment benefits being the major reason as people have grown comfortable and dependent on them. Even staffing agencies are having to go out and recruit but when those benefits come to an end, lots will be taking jobs they “need” not “want” to continue to make ends meet. Hopefully it’s not too late for these businesses. #ShopSmall #ShopLocal #SupportSmallBusiness”

Paul Budak: “Everyone got hit hard last year. Yes, minimum should go up slowly and phased in; so should everything else. To keep good people, some places gave their employees raises.”

Jay Viveiros: “With the pandemic slowly dying down, it’s getting harder to use as an excuse for literally everything like people have been. My opinion is a lot of folks found out you can make more on unemployment staying at home after you’ve been laid off, especially if you were working a lower paying job like a lot of restaurants.These companies are gonna need to raise wages or offer some decent incentives.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Also, when you raise wages you pay more taxes. Fast food restaurants find ways to automate like order kiosks.In Portland and Seattle where minimum wage was raised to $15 an hour, companies cut full time workers. One firm had 20 people at $12 an hour. Eight people lost their jobs. The company provided lunch and parking or bus passes to their employees. Those benefits were stopped. The raise bumped everyone into the next tax bracket so they made less than they did before the raise. Minimum wage was not meant to allow you to live. It was designed to pay child labor a set rate. If you try to feed a family and live on minimum wage – that’s your poor life choice. A kid flipping burgers at McDonalds shouldn’t make the same as an EMT or zoo keeper.”

Lonnie Bradley: “Not just that, but McDonald’s can pay more because they, like Walmart, are cutting staff and using self checkout. So higher pay, fewer jobs.”

Joseph Davidson: “ Yes, minimum wage should be raised.”

Shawn Armstrong: “Because the work ethic of this younger generation is piss poor…they think they should start at the top of the pay scale instead of working their way up from the bottom.”

Jerry Rowray: “It’s pretty simple…operate at their comfortable level. If they have the ability to operate at 100%, then that’s great.. but remember good service is better than good food. If operating at 50% and providing a good dining experience then the service and resulting tips go hand and hand.”

Armando Cantu: “People, this is just a temporary thing. Hopefully, we won’t have a third wave of the virus!!!! Just because you were fortunate enough to have your job, it’s easy to point the finger. Enough with the hate!!!”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “Unemployment benefits are the major reason. People are lazy and want to stay home.”

Jaime Castro: “Some don’t have insurance or the employer can’t afford insurance for their employees. Then, there is having to work your butt off for a low paying rate, having to pay for your meals while you work. Some barely make it with tips. It’s hard; it’s not being lazy. Take care of your employees and offer at least some incentives and appreciation.”

Benjamin Godina: “Lazy people. Period”

Tom Shattuck: “Our government is paying them not to work!!”