Mexican Colonized History, 1821-1993

A Brief and Partial Chronology of Texas


Researched, compiled & edited by Mario Longoria, Ph.D.

Part 13:

–1984. Dr. Hector Perez Garcia, WWII veteran, determined Civil Rights advocate and founder of the American G.I. Forum was awarded the U.S. Presidential Medal of Freedom (1984), the nation’s highest civilian honor; He was also named to the Order of St. Gregory the Great by Pope John Paul II in 1990; and in 1998 was posthumously awarded the Orden de Aguila Azteca, Mexico’s highest decoration awarded by the Mexican government to foreign nationals whose work has benefited Mexico and its’ citizens.


–1988. Dr. Lauro F. Cavazos, the former President of Texas Tech University is appointed by President Reagan as the first Hispanic Secretary of Education

–1991. University of Texas Professor and Folklorist Americo Paredes’ awarded the “Orden de Aguila Azteca,” Mexico’s highest award given to a foreigner whose work has benefitted Mexico and its citizens.

–1993. President Clinton appoints Henry Cisneros to the cabinet position of Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. He is the first Hispanic to hold this post.

…After 1993, the social and political situation for Mexican Americans did not improve as expected in the U.S. The Anglo Americans continued to discriminate against them based on simple ignorance and blatant inhumanity.