By Yvette Tello

COVID-19 has lasting effects after recovering. One effect of Covid-19 is having trouble lifting your legs so you have to learn to walk again. Definitely not comparable to the flu. With schools opening up soon, what are you doing to prepare your children? Are you sending them back? Let’s talk about it?

Tracy Trevino: “I have my baby home for the 1st quarter. We shall see what comes after this time. I am not comfortable quite yet. I am not sure if I will be comfortable until they have medication and a vaccine. Time will tell.”

Frank Burton: “I am not sending our kids back. We’re doing online classes. If they don’t have acceptable precautions in place, we’ll go elsewhere for online schooling and open up more free time for us all. They’re actually liking it.”

Mandy Arriaga: “No, not sending my daughter back to school until this is over with for good. She will remain doing online homeschool. Due to her getting sick easily and her blood counts. I will not lose a child . It’s not worth it.”

Shawn Armstrong: “I have trouble lifting my legs just because I’m getting older and my back and legs hurt. We’ve been in school for 3 weeks now and there are not really any big issues here. Students are wearing their mask. And all seems to be pretty good in the hood, I think we have 80 to 85% of our enrolled students actually on campus, that’s at all elementary, junior high and high schools.”

Veronica Amaro: “I’m a work from home mom and travel so I am keeping them home because I can and once I start traveling again, I will take them with me. This is actually a good thing for my kiddos and I. The outcome of some circumstances are how you decide to make it. COVID is real but didn’t keep us from safely living our lives. I hope this opens other avenues in the healthcare and education industry to assist parents. Praying”

Lonnie Bradley: “Our school offered both. Since I was moving she has been homeschooing for the first grading period. She will be going back once I get settled in. I haven’t checked in a few weeks now but last time I looked, minors ( every- one under 18) had a 0.002 % mortality rate from covid. They stand a better chance of dying in a car accident.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “I’m keeping my kids home. My kids have asthma, allergies and other health problems. I’ve had friends’ lives taken from this virus and it has been very heart breaking. My kids are my world. I would not want their lives taken from this covid-19 virus.”

Stacie Jo Reyes: “My 10 year old is virtual only for the first 9 weeks. Then we will see. I am high risk and not messing around.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: ”Mine are back. 95% of COVID patients have little ill effect. With the exception of one who was on a vent (many comorbidities) and one with several autoimmune disorders every- one I know with COVID had no effects.I know several flu victims who had similar is- sues. I know two people with heart conditions who had no complications.I know a 20 year old marathoner who got the flu and lost a leg. The media loves to play up the worst case scenario and spread fear. My kids are back at school and back in sports.”

Henry Shamdas: “You may not think so and think it’s the media but I know a Houston ER doctor who downplayed it too and said it’s nothing. He got covid for two weeks, He stayed home to fight it, then was admitted to ER places on ventilator for 3 weeks. He came out of it but was close to death and now sings a different tune! I have a cousin who got it and was found at home unresponsive at 2am. His spouse called EMS. He was intubated and placed in a coma! Doctor said 50/50 chance his kidneys had started to shut down. This was

6.5 weeks ago he got our week and half ago from a rehab after being in icu for 4 weeks or so. Now, he is back in rehab due to pressure ulcers from not moving. I also have a family friend that got it in the hospital for 3 weeks on oxygen. Until you see what it does, and I’m in healthcare, you cannot say it’s overhyped! It’s not a regular flu. It just is classified in the flu family due to its respiratory effects. It affects everyone differently. I see it daily as well. It’s not overhyped.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “My mother is on oxygen now and just yesterday started eating but cannot walk on her own, My brother in law’s brother is now in the hospital on oxygen with kidney complications. 8 days ago, he was live on FB making fun of all this craziness. His sister is on a ventilator in a coma. My friend’s father passed away. My sister said she thought she was dying and now has a bad cough all day.. I don’t under- stand how people compare it to the flu”

Kimmie Canales: “I’m not sending mine back. I am hoping the district changes their mind. My daughter likes online school. . Yes, she would love to be there but a lot of my nurse friends are saying it’s not time yet”