By Yvette Tello

President Trump or Biden; who will you be voting for in November? Let’s talk about it…

Craig Dion Blakeley: “Vets for Trump”

Reggie Brown: “Won’t be Trump”

Ricky Vidaurri Lopez: “Im Vot- ing for La Trompa!! TRUMP ALL THE WAY !!”

Rick Carter: “Trump, then San- dra 4texas #28”

Casey White: “Anybody but the republican crook who’s in office now.”

EddieRachel Rebolloso: “Hello… Trump!”

Aaron Hutchinson: “The one that doesn’t lie everyday liter- ally, I know what high standards I have…”

Jean W. Garcia: “TRUMP”

Albert Uresti: “Albert Uresti and Biden/Harris!”

Virginia Ann Sherwood: “Still undecided”

Henry Shamdas: “Biden/Harris until a better Republican comes along”

Edward Gretchner: “Sleepy Joe”

Tom Shattuck: “Trump a Trump Trump!!”

Robert Ordonez: “Trump 2020”

Tracy Joseph Bogert: “Biden Harris. I see little use for discus- sion”

Thomas Mc: “I will walk barefoot through glass, while on fire, while drinking gasoline if my votes helps get this SOB out of office. When I see people supporting him I just have to chalk it up to low emotional IQ, cognitive dissonance, and an inability to empathize. Has nothing to do with party affiliation, he’s just a shameful human being. He’s a pathetic sub- human liar. We need a positive leader in our country that will take us in a more balanced future both economically and morally.”

Katrina Gill-Warlock: “I’ll walk with Thomas Mc!!!! Let’s get

this POS out of the White House and give him back to the Russians since they got him elected in the first place – he can run havoc there!!!!”

Mike Miller: “Trump. People may not like his past but if we judged all of us on the past would we pass or fail? He has had the people in mind the whole time and the lifelong politicians have done nothing but suck up to corporations and get rich on our backs. I really feel the democrats are using Biden also. Trump .”

Santiago Tello: “Trump. Joe has been in D.C. 40 YEARS and what has he accomplished? If he knew how to better America, why didn’t he tell Obama?”

Sean Richardson: “I will vote for the candidate that will best listen to and protect the people. The real issues need addressing right now. Our people need help. Our tax money is what funds our country and pays their salary. They work for us as a public servant not our superiors. This is our country,

our treasury, and property. Our people are being beaten, killed, losing their lives, homes, jobs, and someone needs to bail out our citizens now because we fund it all and it is our right to be able to survive right now! Whoever you vote for, keep that in mind and get yourself up and use your voice and cast your vote!”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “Trump the dems in four years did nothing but throw tantrums and cry and waste money.”

Monica Monica:”Trump! He is good to police and understands the importance of why we are needed. Defund us and there will be less detectives to investigate child predators and more money for ir- responsible drug addicts who need a facility or programs. We don’t need more of that. Trust me there is plenty of help out there. Some- one just has to have the ganas to follow through with rehab.”

Aaron Hutchinson: “Biden, Trump is a dirtbag. Any man who treats women like he does is a waste of a human being. It has nothing to do with politics with humanity and this nation. Trump supporters, stop drinking the Jim Jones, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh kool aid please!!! Just a heads up, Obama or Clinton are not in of- fice. Trump needs to stay focused, resist talking about the past and talk only about what is now and now sucks ass!!! I am genuinely curious; why does a Hispanic or African American, or anyone that isn’t white vote for Trump? I truly do not understand. He lies every- day, literally. He isn’t a faith based human. This is a deal killer for

  1. I detest anyone who claims to be so close to God then lie daily. Again, I am not trying to be rude, I genuinely want to understand. I also can’t stand the way he treats women.”

Hope Robinson: “I cannot believe how many people are voting for trump. So sad how many are willing to believe anything that comes out of his mouth. Don’t think they are truly informed about the history, past or present of American politics.”

Mary Valadez: “Yes Joe Biden. He is respectful, family oriented, cares for us the people, experience in the job, and makes a big difference. He helped pass violence abuse against women and healthcare.”

Yvonne Pena: “It amazes me the number of people who would still vote for Trump after all he

has put this country through. First and most important is his lack of leadership and idiotic behavior like that of a spoiled child. He lies continuously and never remembers what he lies about. Denies his own words and blames it on the media. A habitual liar is what he is. Never mind his demeaning ways of the minority, women, and poor, but his lack of leadership should be the reason people reconsider their support.”

Robert Rodriguez Jr.: “The thing I don’t get is that all the Republicans on here have been brainwashed or drank some of that

orange piss aid. Sorry, but it’s over on Nov 3rd unless he cheats again. He wants to stop the mail in votes for disabled or people who can’t vote with the virus going on.”