San Antonio’s women population is roughly 58,376,846; a mere 51% of the total population. Women carry many important roles in our community in the City of San Antonio. In addition to programs already in place to foster women’s endeavors, a resolution has been crafted support women’s safety, health and economic opportunities.
A look at our City efforts to improve the lives of women in San Antonio goes back to 2014, when the City Manager created a women’s leadership mentoring program to foster development of female leaders. A focus group was also created in the Police Department to improve opportunities within the department for women. In January 2018, Councilwoman Viagran (D3) requested a review of gender composition of the of the City boards and Commissions. A request seconded by Councilwoman Gonzalez (D5). Councilwoman Sandoval (D7) also performed an analysis per City District.
The resolution focuses on eliminating domestic violence and sexual assault; positive women’s health outcomes; and economic and business opportunities for women. The approval of this resolution would be a stepping stone to create strategies for and later implementation.
On Thursday, November 15th, 2018, City Council approved the resolution with unanimously support for all the council members and Mayor Ron Nirenberg. Indeed a milestone for women in the City of San Antonio!