Lucha libre wrestlers are known as luchadores (singular luchador, meaning “wrestler”). They usually come from extended wrestling families who form their own stables. Tradition is about passing customs and/or beliefs from one generation to the next. In San Antonio, we have a family trying to do just that. Father, Jaime Guiterrez has been not only a luchador but a promoter of this sport. When the place he started fighting at shut down, he started Mexican American Lucha Libre ( M.A.L.L. ) and opened a venue where he has been able to keep las luchas alive. His 13 year old daughter, Anahi, has decided to follow in her father’s foot steps. She is currently advising her father of new ways to promote the fights on social media and giveaways. Since she was six years old, she has been accompanying her father on the ring.
Anahi is no stranger to the spotlight. She is former Miss Preteen San Antonio United States, and current Miss Preteen Lone Star United States. She is a very active volunteer in San Antonio with different organizations including the Stock Show and Rodeo. She has been in pagents since she was just a little girl but if you ask her what stage has been her favorite, she will immediately respond that the wrestling ring at her father’s side has been the ultimate for her. She would like to eventually enter the ring as a wrestler. For now, she will continue to learn the ropes and give dad her ideas. Anahi feels innovation is the key to progress while failure to innovate leads to decline, and, eventually, death; something she refuses to allow to happen to this family tradition.