Tax Assessor-Collector Albert Uresti was contacted by a San Antonio Firefighter he had served with who informed him that the widow of another firefighter, Mrs. Deborah Moreno, was sick and wanted to know if she had all the proper exemptions on her home. Uresti had his office research her account and found that she did in fact have all the proper exemptions; however, the Tax Office found that she was due a $3,700 refund as a result of refinancing her home a few years ago. “The joy we feel from being able to help someone, especially someone in need, is what keeps us motivated to always look for people that need help or may have a refund due,” said Albert Uresti, Bexar County Tax Assessor- Collector. “Mrs. Moreno was very happy to receive the refund and said it was needed. We are always looking for refunds that may be due to our citizens. The citizens expect everyone to pay their fair share of taxes, but under no conditions do we ever want anyone to pay more taxes than they are supposed to,” said Albert Uresti. The Tax Assessor-Collector’s Office encourages any citizen who needs property tax information or thinks they may be due a refund to contact their office at 210-335-2251 or visit their website at www. TAC-AU