International design nonprofit Better Block will work with WestCare Texas at the Ella Austin Community Center to reimagine pieces of the center based on community input. The activations and design of the space will bring to life a community vision for a more vibrant space through a placemaking demonstration to open in December.

“We have worked with the Project Safe Neighborhood initiative to look at how placemaking can not only reduce crime but increase community engagement,” says Krista Nightengale, Better Block’s Executive Director. “It’s imperative that in these projects we have incredible community partners who can help bring it all to life. We’re very excited to be working alongside WestCare at the Ella Austin Community Center.”

The Better Block’s 120-day process puts the community at the forefront of the planning process.

Participants will join in volunteer workshops involving painting, furniture assembly, and event setup. Residents and members of the community are encouraged to go to to learn more.

Better Block Foundation is an urban design nonprofit that educates, equips, and empowers communities and their leaders to reshape and reactivate built environments to promote the growth of healthy and vibrant neighborhoods. Find out more by visiting

WestCare, whose mission is “Uplifting the Human Spirit,” was founded 50 years ago. Since its inception, it has grown to more than 130 programs in 16 States, the Dominican Republic, Pacific Islands, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. The nonprofit organization serves more than 55,000 people annually through a variety of health, human service, and capacity-building programs in the communities it serves that address the unique needs of that community. For more information on the WestCare Foundation and its mission, visit