Courtesy of the City of San Antonio Department of Arts & Culture

An engaging compilation of significant works from 20 Latinx documentary photographers living in South, Central and North America. From SA to SA: An Exhibition of Pan-American Documentary Photography will focus on the interconnected weaving of individual and collective stories depicted in appealing, powerful, and thought-provoking photographic images. Curated by Guillermina Zabala, the exhibition will be on view from August 10, 2023 – December 30, 2023 at Centro de Artes Gallery – 101 S. Santa Rosa Ave. San Antonio, TX 78207 – in Historic Market Square. Always free to visit.

Curator Statement:
From SA to SA: From South America to San Antonio encapsulates the astonishing power of documentary photography as a direct representation of our realities and as a force of social change. This exhibition of Pan-American documentary photography presents over 200 remarkable works from 20 award-winning Latin American and Latinx photographers living in South, Central and North America.

Focusing on the weaving of individual and collective threads, From SA to SA depicts visually appealing and thought-provoking photographic narratives. As an art form and as a journalistic medium, documentary photography captures a straightforward glance and accurate portrait of society with the artistic touch from the photographers’ lenses. Throughout Latin America and the Latinx community in the U.S., documentary photographers chronicle historical and relevant events, intimate portraiture, and everyday life while capturing the socioeconomic and cultural struggles faced by minorities and marginalized populations.

The subjects, places, and situations portrayed on these prints are vivid, present, and emerge from social challenges revealing a series of thematic paradigms that range from immigrant stories and the effects of the COVID pandemic, to the fight for women’s rights, social unrest, and indigenous realities. Expanding throughout the Americas and representing more than 15 regions, From SA to SA brings seldom told stories from the Latinx experience through poignant, poetic, and everlasting photographic imagery.

From SA to SA invites us to embark on a visually aesthetic journey documented by these 20 photographers who, on several occasions, have risked their lives to capture historically significant moments. It is through the uniqueness of their photographic lenses, their social resistance and their Latinx perspective that we can, today, experience these valuable images, remember our past, and present them as a series of interwoven narratives reflecting the Pan-American reality.

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